About the Crest

In an effort to design something special for our website, several ideas were addressed.  Since no specific “coat of arms” has been found in the Vahsholtz history, the thought of designing a coat of arms was considered.

The symbols used in designing family coat of arms was researched, however, these symbols are usually reflecting a specific person in the family history.  So then the question becomes exactly “who” should that person be and “what” about that person should be symbolized.

VAHSHOLTZ-COUSINS-CREST-FINAL-6INCH-blue-black-blend copyWhen searching the web,  I found several advertisements offering to design a “Family Crest” ( for a fee of course).  This seemed like an interesting alternative.  So what you see on this website is an attempt to capture the one thing that we all do have in common – our German heritage.

As you can see, the crest is made by placing our our “American” Flag over our “German heritage” flag.

The Shield in a coat of arms represents “defender” and the sword (seen in the banner above) represents “justice and military honor”.

Les Vahsholtz
Original Website Designer and Webmaster, and Family Crest Designer