Welcome Cousins!

Vahsholtz and Fahsholtz – Fassholz – Vasholz – Vassholz – Vahsholz

If your name is (or was) one of the above, you are a cousin.

Our site has resources to learn more about the Vahsholz’s, make connections and get a copy of the extensive Vahsholtz genealogy book, “The Road To Zwillipp.” 

Vahsholtz Genealogy

On this site you can find:

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“A Toast” to all Cousins:

Ein Prosit photo-400pix

Carole & Les Vahsholtz – Daughter Jenny Werner

Click to hear us sing the “Ein Prosit” Song

Click to hear the 2006 reunion attendees
sing the “Ein Prosit” Song


“Ein Prosit” literally means “A Toast” in German.
This song is frequently sung among family and
friends and is simply a “toast” to friendship, fellowship,
and well being.  The words of the song are:

Ein prosit, Ein prosit
Der gemutlichkeit
Ein prosit, Ein prosit
Der gemutlichkeit

Gemutlichkeit Definition
Friendliness – Comfortableness – Cosiness

The “Ein Prosit” song was sung by all at the 2006 reunion.

2018 Reunion Information

Milwaukee, WI.
More information to come.

Nothing is set in stone yet, so if there is something you would like to do while you are here, please don’t hesitate to put in a request. We would be willing to accommodate your request if at all possible. Just send a message to sharon_powless@yahoo.com Thank you.

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