By Geri Vahsholtz Tate

MY PARENTS, Martin & Eleanora Vahsholtz lived in the Council Grove, Kansas, area for many years. They both passed away 1985-87. While living on farms in the area, they belonged to the Rural Electric Corporate Assoc. (RECA)

In December 2016, I received a phone call from my friend, Bonnie Thomas, who knew my parents from Calvary Lutheran Church in Council Grove. She said she saw my parents’ name in the RECA paper, looking for heirs so they could pay unclaimed credits. She gave me a number to call. I called and they sent a letter with Request for Payment for Unclaimed Credits, giving me responsibility to distribute payment to other heirs. I filled out the form sent it back. Shortly I received a check for $78.10.

Now my only brother, Les Vahsholtz, passed away in December, 2012. How would I divide payment to my niece and nephew? It happened this January they, Jenny Werner and Tim Vahsholtz, were in Topeka together. I invited them, along with sister-in-law Carole and my daughter, Janet, to Applebees for lunch. Then I explained about the “strange inheritance” we received, jokingly saying “Grandpa and Grandma Vahsholtz paid for our lunch today.”